classicBRICKour skilled team hand craft amazing products for your space.

Rustic, Modern, and totally amazing.

classicBRICK panels allow you to create the nostalgic, aged, rustic look of real brick within minutes. Each individual brick has been cast from a real brick to give classicBRICK panels a realistic look. Panels are fastened to the wall using screws and or nails, and no reinforcement of the wall is required. Each panel has a top and side shiplap edge, through which the panel is fastened. Installation of classicBRICK is fast and easy. The edges of each panel are staggered and classicBRICK is available in 5 different colours. Within minutes, you can get the look and feel of the real thing with ease and affordability.

classicBRICK offers an authentic brick look, with no mess.

classicBRICK is the perfect way to add the rustic nature and nostalgic feel of worn brick, without the weight, cost, and labour of the real thing. classicBRICK comes in a range of colours including vintageWHITE, reclaimedRED, antique, cellarBROWN, and oldITALY.

panel dimensions: 23 3/4" x 44 7/8"






Why choose Hourwall?

What makes classicBRICK stand out and one of the most authentic looking faux brick on the market is each panel is hand painted and carefully constructed to ensure a realistic look. Having that exposed brick look done correctly will easily make classicBRICK a great choice for your space. We’ve carefully and skillfully chosen colours that correctly match the real world bricks we are emulating. From the deep rustic bricks to the more modern white, all of the bricks look 100% authentic.

give your install that professional touch.

You just finished giving your room that rustic exposed brick look you've always wanted. We offer some trims and covers to help finish that look.

Ledge Trim

These ledge trims have gone through the same rigorous testing as our classicBRICK panels. They've all been casted from real bricks and have the same hand painted process. Trims are available in all the same profiles as the panels.

Electrical Cover

The electrical cover can help with any outlets you have on your new walls.

Paint & Caulking

With the paint and caulking kits you'll be able to finish all your edges perfectly. The paints and caulking matches up with the classicBRICK profiles perfectly and you'll never see a seam again!