How to Install

All of our panels are made to be installer-friendly, for both professionals and DIYers alike.

How to Video

While each product will have slightly different specifications for installation, the basic premise is the same. All our products have been created with ease of install in mind: Align, affix, and finish!

Step-by-Step Basic Installation


Keeping the planks or panels level, place them from one side to the other starting at the bottom. Keep in mind variable colors and textures if applicable. You may need to make a cut on the final piece of each row. Depending on your preferences and panel type, you may either use screws, nails, adhesive, or a combination to affix them to the wall.


Start the next row with the cut piece from the previous row. This reduces the waste, & creates staggered joints (which adds to the varied look.) Again, ensure each row is level.


Continue in this fashion for every row, until you are less than 5” from the ceiling (or your desired height). Measure the space between your last row and your stop point.


Using a table saw or hand saw, ‘rip’ or cut the boards to be installed to that size (minus 1/16” to allow for easier install and possible expansion). If necessary, fill screw holes with filler & use Hourwall Paint Kit to finish.

Additional Installation Information